Mon 28th May 2018
190 Attache

190 Attache

1989 - 1990


Very few boats can boast the number of features built into the incomparable 190. It will be diffilcult to find another boat in this size range that performs as well, looks as good or offers such outstanding value for money

Whether the 190 is your first boat or a replacement, she'll suit you admirably. If she's your first taste of Sealine boating quality, then she certainly won't be your last.

Th many owners, the 190 means enjoyment and versatility. Tow her across Europe and cruise the Med, or spend a day out on the Thames, the 190 guarantees a good time afloat, wherever you are.

The 190 is built with the same attention to detail and by the same craftsmen as other models in the range, so her quality is indisputable. When you decide to move up the Sealine ladder, you'll realise what a wonderful investment your 190 was!