Sun 27th May 2018


2003 - Present


It's fair to say that the F34 has made rather a big impression in its short life. Not only was it named Motor Boats Monthly's Flybridge Cruiser of the Year 2004, but it also took the overall Motorboat of the Year title too. Praise indeed. But what is it about the F34 that attracts such acclaim? Perhaps we should ask the judges...

It’s easy to build a great boat if you can afford to use the best of everything and simply pass the cost on to the customer. It’s far harder to build a boat to a strict budget yet still wow people with its design, performance and quality. The Sealine F34 does just that. From the back of its extending bathing platform to the top of its concealed anchor housing, this is a boat that exceeds our every expectation for the class.

Even though the F34 is the smallest flybridge cruiser in the Sealine range our characteristically innovative use of space means that it feels much bigger. The roomy, split-level design of the flybridge drew particular praise, while the overall size of the accommodation was simply described as 'astonishing'. Performance is another area that the F34 excels in, with the excellent low and high speed handling both commented upon. We could tell you even more about this extraordinary boat but perhaps we should preserve our modesty and leave the last word to the gentlemen of the press.

'In short, this is a boat that you don't have to be a millionaire to buy or run but it will make you feel like one nevertheles.'