Mon 28th May 2018
S24 Clubline

S24 Clubline

2000 - 2001


The ‘clubline’ was simply a basic spec model of the S24 with 1 petrol and 1 diesel engine option, introduced to compete with the flood of Amrerican imports available (although the Sealine build quality was far superior). Identical in almost every area and we are not visually able to tell the difference from a S24 (the badges are the same and no ‘clubline’ reference) However, the standard specification was ‘downgraded’, with items like 240v shore support, hot water calorifier and shower no longer as standard spec. Sealine did not offer these items as factory extras as the model price reduction did not make sense against the cost of this missing equipment and a standard S24. Dealers often fitted the equipment back to a standard S24 spec, so the only way to tell may be the original supply invoice. As a result this model was excellent value for money and was only available for a short period of under one year.