Mon 28th May 2018


2003 - Present


A boat's electrical systems may not seem like the most exciting place to begin a description of a beautiful craft like the S38 but we think it's rather a good example of Sealine's philosophy of instinctive innovation. After all, the innovative things that you can't see are very often just as important as those that you can. Sealine's Seaplex digital wiring system greatly reduces the amount of wiring needed to operate a boat's electrics. And when we say 'greatly reduce' we mean it. The S38 is an amazing 70Kg lighter than its predecessor. Which means we can concentrate on adding innovative features that are more instantly apparent.

Take the accommodation for instance. Two well appointed cabins consist of a double forward cabin and a cleverly designed midships that can adapt to sleep up to three people. In the light and airy gallery, little touches like a dedicated slot under the cooker in which to stow the sink hob infills make the most of the space available. As a result, the forward canopy rolls up and stows easily in a compartment in the leading edge of the arch. And because we know that this area is used for a myriad of purposes the dinette converts from sitting, to dining, to a large sunpad in one movement thanks to a slide-in stowage area within part of the seat base.

Sharing the same sleeek, powerful lines as the groundbreaking SC39, Sealine's S38 achieves the perfect balance between exhilarating performance and everyday functionality.